How much does Whiteboard Animation cost? Topical Market Review

In this article, you will learn the real order of prices for video clips in the video production market and understand the difference in offers.

Our studio specializes in production of animated videos for new products, image videos for businesses. There are more than 200 successfully implemented projects in our portfolio.

We sincerely believe that video must have marketing strategy for absolutely every business. What could be more interesting and convincing video?

Animated video can effectively influence the viewer to easily explain to him the essence of the product or idea. Animated videos can be divided into 3 main groups:

1) whiteboard animation (doodle video)
2) 2D animation
3) 3D animation

Some animation studios whiteboard animation belong to a group of 2D animations, but it is more common to allocate drawn video into a separate group.


One of the most popular and important questions which customers ask us, it’s not only the price of the video, but also why the same service for the price of different video studios sometimes so different?

We want help you to understand this issue, we conducted a little experiment, one draw video was selected for its purity as an example. With this video, we asked 60 studios with a request to evaluate the budget and the timing of such a project turnkey.

We didn`t expect such experimental results! It turned out that 40% of the studios in which we have sent the application, simply ignored us as customers. Another 20% responded to the request in terms of a week or more from the moment of the application sent. Such a delayed reaction can often render irrelevant. Thus, the remaining 40% have responded to the request for 1-2 days.

We emphasize we had one example of a video made in the video scribing technique, and asked to evaluate this particular video, we weren`t interested in other techniques. So, each performer saw the final product and could evaluate quality, complexity of implementation, dynamics, detailing of illustrations, the presence of animation in the video doodle, compare capabilities and other nuances.

For example, we chose one of our works – a whiteboard animation and asked for a draft calculation time of 1 minute, the turnkey project should have included the following works: script, illustrations, animation, voice acting in English, sound design:

This type of information we received (the range of indicators is shocking):

– the budget of the project under the key (timekeeping 1 minute) performers estimated from 600 dollars. up to 1200 dollars, i.e. we conclude that the average price of a similar 1-minute project on the market will be about 900 dollars.

– production time stated – from 9 days to 30 days. We have an average value of 20 days.

As a rule, our psychology is arranged in such a way we often choose something between the cheapest and the most expensive. And in this choice there is a rational grain. It turned out that contractors can be divided into 3 categories:

1) The cheapest offers of 600-700 dollars came from studios named after one person, the so-called human orchestra – he is a manager and marketer, screenwriter, animation artist, sound producer, in some cases he was even ready to be a speaker … 😊 In this case, the big question remains to the required level of product quality and to meeting the deadlines.

2) Offers of 800-1000 dollars came from specialized animation video studios, associations of specialists, where everyone is a professional in their field.

3) We received offers from 1000 or more dollars from advertising agencies with a wider range of services that do not create the product themselves, but work as an intermediary, referring to the 1st or 2nd category of artists listed above.

If you need a similar video for your product or idea, and you want to know how much we will do it, contact us to get advice in any convenient way or leave a request.
Our company deliberately keeps prices below market prices by about 20% and is ready to offer its customers the best price-performance ratio.

We want to note that we met in the market supply and 300-400 dollars, but these proposals can`t be attributed to any of the categories. They have nothing to do with a marketing tool called whiteboard animation and should be marked with a sign “DANGER!”.

So, the results of the first part of our experiment give you an approximate understanding of the budget for creating whiteboard animation and why there is such a fork in prices. However, the second part of the experiment completely plunged us into the SHOCK! We are in a hurry to tell you about this in the next article.

We will also reveal the secret of how to distinguish the original video from the video patterned, tell you in which cases you overpay for the service of creating an advertising video and how you can save without losing quality.

With respect to you and your business,
Artex Motion team.