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Is it possible to work with you on barter terms?

Certainly, if your offer is equivalent to ours, then we will be glad to deal with you on barter terms.

Do you have affiliate programs?

We offer to all interested companies and individuals beneficial terms of cooperation. You get a certain percent from every order that is made by the customer who you bring to our company. The rate of remuneration depends on the price and difficulty of a video and usually makes 10-15% of the total video price. Also we are open to joint affiliate programs.

How to understand the prices for animated videos?

In the animation market you can face many offers, the prices on which vary significantly. Let’s clear the things up!

Cheap offers (up to $300 per video) as a rule come from self-employed amateurs who manage the whole process of video production by themselves. It is good when they cope with the task but you can only guess the quality of such videos. Expenses in this case decrease due to the one performer, so called “one-man band”, who performs the functions of a scenario writer, an illustrator, a video-designer and even an announcer. You have surely to forget about any guarantees and official contracts.

Even cheaper option can be made by those amateurs with the help of template illustrations and constructors – usually it is a simplified animation. Probably it is not the most terrible option but bear in mind that you will run across these illustrations in the Internet and in other videos.
Professionals who respect you and themselves will never use templates. A team of skilled professionals will work on your project to create your unique video, a working tool that meets your requirements.

This original 2D animation (from $600 in the market) or spectacular 3D animation (on average from $1200) which use quality graphics of hand drawing (all illustrations and characters are created from the scratch), apply complicated transformations and video effects taking into account modern tendencies of video design.

However, it is only the top of the iceberg. The work on your project starts before it gets to an illustrator. A professional marketer has to study your niche, your target audience to enable a scenario writer to create a selling scenario and videoscibe it in interesting characters. Moreover, you need to take into account not obvious but very important details. Creation of a professional video is a hard, laborious and resource-intensive process, on which work from 5 to 15 specialists. It explains how the price is formed for this service.

How to calculate the price for a video.

Price setting for every project is individual and takes into account a range of factors. We are always ready to offer an optimal decision on the basis of your budget and tasks. Factors that influence the price of the video.

- Technical difficulty of realization (refers to any type of animation).
For example, creation of 3D animation is more complicated than 2D. Also it is absolutely clear that creation of a full-fledged 3D model of the airplane is a more complicated process than creating a 3D model of a pumpkin.

The difficulty of your project we discuss with you and find an optimal option on the basis of your tasks, desires and opportunities.

- Length of the video. It influences the volume of work of our team. The longer the video is, the more resources and efforts we spend on its creation. Optimal timekeeping we also agree with you.

- Terms of performance. During our normal performance term of a project, this factor doesn’t influence a price setting process. But if you have a hot deadline we are ready to save you!:) We will have to reallocate our team’s priorities especially for your project and work even at night to do your task maximally quickly. However, be ready to pay for this at least 2 times more. We respect your business processes, and regard with favor urgent orders and hope that you will also respect our work

- Personal desires. For example, you need a video in several languages and then it will increase the price. But you won’t have to pay for the video in another language as for a separate one – and it is beneficial for you. Or you will want to buy not only a video but the project itself, for example in Adobe After Effects, then the price will rise three-fold.

Is it possible to order a multi voice dubbing?

No problem! Our announcers will ably read the text by roles.

Can you make dubbing in other language?

Surely! We have a big range of announcers in different languages. We can find an ideal voice for your video in any language (male, female, child).