8 basic stages at which the best professionals work

Step 1. You call or leave a request

Within 10 minutes we will contact you and answer your questions

Step 2. We discuss with you all details of the project and fill in a brief

Our task is to study thoroughly your business, your target audience and suggest the decision which will bring you a maximum result.

Step 3. We present several concepts and create a scenario.

We will prepare for you up to 4 concept options. The most successful idea will get its development in the form of the ready scenario and story board.

Step 4. We develop a video stylistics and create illustrations.

We create author’s unique illustrations of any difficulty and stylistics. All illustrations we agree with you

Step 5. We dub your video

A large base of announcers allows us to choose an ideal voice for your project. Professional announcers, informants of different languages will finely dub your video and make important stresses.

Step 6. We edit and animate

The most exciting and magic moment comes when we bring the pictures to life.
Set dynamics and sudden effects to get a thrilling plot development.

Step 7. An important detail is a sound-design

We will create a sound- design especially for your advertising video. It will emphasize important moments and the video will look even more trendy and luxurious.

Step 8. You get a readymade marketing instrument!

When all the stages are passed successfully and you have approved a final edition, we transfer to you a completed professional video, an efficient instrument which works for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!