ARTEX Motion Team

what distinguishes us:

There are many companies in the market that provide the service of promotion video production. However such videos rarely become an effective marketing tool.  If you start searching, you will probably find the companies that make a video faster and cheaper than we do or with bigger number of special effects. But do you order a video because of this? Do you wait for such result? We believe that there is something more important than terms, price or the number of “fancy features” – it is your target audience.

To grab the attention of Your audience and deliver the information we combined a practical experience of the specialists in В2В and В2С segments, an experience of modern marketing specialists, psychology and video-production. We clearly see the main objective of the video. As a result we get a product that is going to work for you but not just a pretty picture.

This is what we call “to find X-Factor”.

Anna Karchevskaya

Founder of the project Artex Motion

An expert in the sphere of modern video marketing and explaining video production.

Katerina Omelchak

Project Manager

A gifted manager, who runs a project from the start to the finish. Performed more than 35 projects for Europe, the USA and the CIS. As a result we have added 35 new customers and friends.

Elena Anodina

Project Manager

Specialist who deals with the urgent “hottest deadlines “. Performed more than 30 projects for Europe, the USA and the CIS.

Inna Baranova

Scenario writer, copywriter

Has a real successful 15-year experience in sales, meanwhile a talented screenwriter, owns the techniques of influence on decision-making. She specializes in advertising scenario, marketing videos.

Vitaliy Kovalev

Scenario writer

A creative person, an idea generator, who is responsible for video scribing. Performed more than 40 scenarios of advertising videos for Europe, the USA and the CIS. Works on teaching and social projects.

Matyushko Yulia


Work experience is more than 7 years. Specializes in graphic design for advertising videos.

Valentina Didenko


Experience in illustrating advertising videos is 3 years. Possesses various techniques, creates illustrations of any difficulty and style.

Kristina Zelukina

Motion-designer, animator, composer

Has 5 year work experience in international and Ukrainian companies. Performed 92 successful projects.

Andrey Voloshuk


Work experience is 6 years. The main specialization is graphic design (shape animation, 2D animation, 3D анимация, 3D mapping)

Vitaliy Tokarev

Motion designer, animator, composer

Has 3 years of experience in international and Ukrainian companies. She is continuously improving and developing her skills.
Video designer by vocation!

Viktor Stegacov


Work experience over 10 years.
A master of his craft, on which the entire filming process rests.

Bogdan Braga


Work experience over 10 years.
A talented director, the final product depends on his creative vision.

Mikhail Mironenko

Camera director

Experience in the field of advertising shooting more than 6 years.
Experience with Panasonic, shooting music videos, short films, TV series